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The Credit Gambit

Go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with not getting your desired personal credit score to leveraging credit to fund and grow your business. 

This e-book can be your personal cheat code in accelerating your financial literacy.


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What's Inside The Credit Gambit?

The Fundamentals on How Credit Reporting Works

How to Deal with Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

Get fast and easy approval on your mortgage and personal loans.

How to Achieve a 750+ Credit Score

How to deal with factors affecting your credit score and learn how to remove inquiries and increase your score by 3 to 4 points. 

Step by Step Process on Handling Negative Accounts in Just 2 weeks

Bonus! List of Pre-made Dispute Letters to Send Off

How to achieve a 750+ Credit Score to Qualify for a Home Loan, Car Loan etc.

Give late payments forgiveness and third party collections removed

No need to spend time crafting the perfect dispute letter. We've got your covered.


  •  Section 1:
    Introduction to Credit

  •  Section 2: How Credit Reporting Works

  •  Section 3: What a Credit Report Should Look Like 

  •  Section 4:  The Truth

  •  Section 5: Understanding your Credit Report

  •  Section 6: Structuring your Credit

  • Will You Make Your Best Move?

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    Credit Master Funding Strategies

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    What's Inside

    Credit Master Funding Strategies?

  • How to hide your credit utilization and improve your debt-income ratio immediately and qualify for credit limit increases.

  • How to obtain lines of credit from banks. Use the additional income from your lines of credit to invest in your business, invest in equipment or rehab a property.   

  • How to properly structure your credit profile for funding, automatically hide limit approvals and achieve lower interest rates.

  • A list of the best credit building resources for you to get immediate credit score improvement and new primary tradelines.

  • How to turn credit into cash for real estate investors. Circulate your debt to avoid interest payments resulting in increased lines of credit and improve credit score.

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    Our team is trained to help businesses and entrepreneurs operate financially by offering strategies that match their business goals.

    If you would like to know more about our services, feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

    Is The Credit Gambit The Right One For Me?

    If you are a business owner looking for ways to grow and scale the business then this is the right one for you. Credit Gambit focuses on teaching you both strategies and action plans on how you can improve your credit score.  

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    Make your next move your best move. Get this for only $97

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